Skin Guidance

Virtual Personalized Skin Care Consultation | $75

Designed for the first time client this completely unique skin analysis and assessment dives deep.

In this consultation we will: 

  • Discuss your skincare history
  • Establish short term and long term skincare goals
  • Learn about what is necessary to obtain those goals
  • Discuss other health concerns that may be impacting your skin (like medications or lifestyle)
  • Receive expert advice, product recommendations from the exclusive White Feather Skin Therapy line, and more.
  • Address any questions you have as well go over basic skincare education

I highly recommend that anyone use this service, but especially if you are:

  • New to White Feather Skin Therapy
  • Dealing with inflamed skin or other skin barrier issues
  • Building a skincare routine or overhauling an existing one
  • Having specialty concerns such as acne

Your consultation will be approximately 45-60 minutes.


During a virtual consultation, we will cover the following:

1: What are your top skin concerns?

White Feather Skin Therapy's virtual consultations begin with an in-depth skin history intake form that you will fill out before meeting with me as well as a Q&A to discuss your skin. Through this series of comprehensive questions, I gain insight into your individual needs, goals, and concerns.

2. What do we see in your skin?

The discussion of your top skin concerns, paired with what I can see via Zoom as well as the photos you must provide with your intake form, helps me determine your skin type and its needs. 

3. What is your current skincare routine?

In the intake form you'll fill out every product you use so I can evaluate the ingredients and formulation before your virtual appointment.

4. What’s your skin prescription?

I will follow up with Phase 1 customized protocols and products based on your skin type, as well as recommended reading and recommendations for future Phase 2 products to assist in reaching your skin goals.


  • Each consultation is 45-60 minutes. 
  • Schedule your consultation online.
  • Please be sure to fill out the intake form before your appointment. This will help me understand your specific skin goals and concerns as well as prepare personalized advice and product recommendations.
  • You will also receive personal support in the days and weeks that follow the start of your new skincare routine. 

Healthy skin is a long-term commitment of consistent daily choices in order to affect a positive change in your skin. I prioritize sustainable solutions over quick fixes. Be prepared to make a commitment to lifestyle changes, dietary changes and your skin's health.

In-Person Advanced Skin Analysis 90 min | $125 ($60 product credit)

***This in-person appointment is by application only. The Virtual Skin Care Consultation is highly recommended and appropriate for most clients seeking a transformative change in their skin. All from the comfort of their home with continuing support and guidance. Please be aware that by filling out the form below it means you are on the waitlist for this service. Booking the Virtual Skin Care Consultation is recommended to get started on your skin care journey***

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